"Innovative Technologies for Water Enhancement"

AQUANITY is a developer and producer of water quality and revitalizing technology based on years of research, environmental awareness and modern health demands.

AQUANITY Living Water Technology

AQUANITY is the developer of advanced and innovative technologies in the field of water enhancement.

Having successfully synergized natural, alternative and environmentally sound ideas with modern and digital technologies via a unique method we call Free Flowing Energy (FFE), AQUANITY has developed and produced a range of products which revitalize the water we use on a daily basis – simply, efficiently, effectively and affordably.


Health, Market Growth & Demand

The past 15 years have shown an exponential growth in the awareness of the public and clear market potential and value of ‘alternative’ and ‘health’ related products and services. Customers are aware of the need and have a proven desire to spend billions of dollars on heath related products with the aim of achieving a Better life.

The AQUANITY range of products are a perfect addition to this market, fill a void which has yet to be overburdened by a multitude of ‘similar’ products and naturally provide a remarkable marketing and business opportunity.